London Day 5

London Day 5 am

Firstly, we saw a reconstruction of a ship which traveled around the world in 1577. Then , we went to the Tate Modern, we saw a lot of strange art like a tower made with radios, it was interesting to see the different types of colours and forms.

Capucine P et Marina, 3eG

London Day 5 pm

After the Tate Museum, we crossed the Millennium Bridge and we saw the Saint Paul’s Cathedral that resisted to the Blitz during  the Second World War .

We also saw the monument to honor the fire men that sacrificed themselves while they were trying to stop the fire.

In the afternoon, we visited the Tower of London which was built during the reign of William the conqueror . After that the Tower of London was changed as a armourer and finally it was a prison. We saw the torture places and how they used to do it.

The white tower was full of armors and horses in wax. And it was very impressive because the sculptures were real size ones. And of course the Crown Jewels were amazing and incredibly beautiful. And then we saw and walked under the famous Tower Bridge, and we saw the HMS Belfast Ship which participated ti the D-Day landing in Normandy in June 1944.

Elyn & Chloé, 3eF